2020 ????
WOW, there’s so much to say about this year…
And somehow I feel that all the words can not come close to describe what we’ve been going through.
In my personal story, this year started with my biggest fear coming to life – My sweet beloved father’s health deteriorated and from 31/12 I was by his side for 6 weeks until he passed in February.
It was a painful yet beautiful journey to accompany him on his last bit here in this realm, I felt so blessed yet exhausted and I felt I needed a breath of air.
So I went to my healing place – Sinai.
I went for 5 days and in these 5 days the border closed down and the whole world went into lockdown, and I decided to stay by the healing waters of the red sea, in the vast beautiful Sinai desert.
I stayed there for 4 months.

????Sinai has always been my second home, but to be there at this specific time in my life and in the world, was a true blessing that was gifted to me and I am ever so grateful for it.
It was a healthy place to be and get a wider perspective on things. For months I slept in a hut by the water, with the light of the moon and the sound of the water ever-present. Submerging into the quiet peaceful pace of the desert, I felt the layers peeling off as I touched more and more of my true essence.

I came back in July and have been in Israel ever since. For an eternal gypsy like me, to be grounded here is a new experience that is giving me such a fertile ground to grow on. I am deep into my second year of studies, training to be a Breathwork therapist while deepening all my connections around in a way that was never possible before when one foot was always in another place and the passport in my hand????.

2020 definitely caught us all unprepared, yet I find that in the more subtle levels it is giving us new opportunities to grow, to go deep, to re-route, and maybe start walking in a direction that we never found the courage to
.In my perspective, when all that we know on the outside is crumbling down, we have nowhere to turn but inside, when there is nothing to lean on outside, we can only lean on ourselves, and that is the greatest gift we can take from this time.

Wishing us that 2021 will be a time to enjoy the sweet fruit of the deep work we have been doing this year, and may it come in soft and gentle packaging.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and we are the people we have been waiting for.
Love, Noita❤️
September 19, 2022