falling in love with gold

I fell in love with gold jewelry while living, traveling, and creating in India. The deep color of the Indian 22ct Gold caught me and pulled me towards it.
Gold is the metal that has the highest frequency and is being used as a symbol of abundance throughout many traditions over the times.
It has healing properties and is considered an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body.
Being loved and adored by so many cultures and for such a long time, it has been excessively mined. To the point the earth is almost exhausted its deposits.

The revelation

4 years ago I went on a very deep healing journey in Peru. Experiencing the pure harmony of nature and Connecting more and more to the earth and its medicine. I came out from the Amazon Jungle feeling such a deep connection to nature, to the earth, and with a deep understanding of our natural place in this harmonious symphony of beauty.
A couple of months later someone had randomly mentioned working with recycled gold, and I started to research the subject.
I found myself watching a movie showing the real story behind gold mining today, telling the story of gold mining in Peru. I sat in tears in front of the screen. How could this beautiful earth that gave me such deep healing and unconditional love just a few months back be suffering so much? And how could it be that I take part in this chain?

Making a change

Since that moment on I use only recycled gold for my jewelry. There is enough gold out there so we don’t have to deal with dirty mining anymore. The mining industry uses very harsh materials as Mercury and Cyanide to extract the gold from the earth. Polluting water sources and vast lands, while many times exploiting local communities and exposing them to those dangerous materials.

Using recycled material is the very basic step that jewelers can take to start and make a change, take responsibility for our actions, and raise awareness. There is still a long way to go for this industry but I am happy to be on the side that calls out for a change and for minimizing the negative impact we have on this beautiful earth of ours, that is nurturing us and giving us so much love.
I invite you to do the same,
♥️ Noita.

September 19, 2022