The Story

This is the story of Noita. It is inspired by the beauty and created with love.

My Name is Noa, and my friends call me Noita. I fell in love with the magical jewelry world on my first trip to India. All the women in India are adorned with jewelry in all kinds of shapes and colors.
Indian jewelry has played a pivotal role in highlighting the beauty of women, their social status, and their feminine statement.
So there began my love story with jewelry…

Over the years, I have studied jewelry making and goldsmithing, while traveling all over this fascinating world, absorbing cultures, colors, shapes, and styles.
One sunny day in 2011, on the Ganga River banks in Rishikesh – Noita’s first collection was born – Inspired by beauty, created with love.

I believe we are all free to express ourselves to the fullest, to shine our inner beauty, and be who we truly are, but sometimes we just need a reminder of that…
My jewelry collections are a reminder of this essence of our female being. Remember, you are a woman- wild, beautiful, real, daring, with a strong presence.

Intrigued by harmony and aesthetics, I find inspiration in the ornamental shapes of Indian Mehndi traditional designs, South American textiles, tribal beauty, patterns, and shapes of ancient sacred traditions, in nature and all around. I create between both worlds – bringing the aesthetics and wisdom of traditional designs to a new life together with the simplicity and cleanliness of modern design.

My jewelry pieces are all handcrafted with my deepest love, from fine, high-quality metals, 24kt gold plating, and set with a variety of gemstones.
The Metals I use are all recycled, reducing the harm and effect of mining in today’s world.
I believe It is our responsibility and privilege to take care of this planet.
Let us be conscious of our actions and footprints, do good and spread love 

Look around… Inspiration is everywhere!

Love, Noita