I know the holiday season is all about shopping, excessive consumerism, and too many products being published on our feeds… Believe me, I have my inner dialogue with this, and I respect and hear all voices, within and outside of me, also the ones calling out against it.

I do want to just put it out there that if you do want to make some purchases and take advantage of the great prices offered, then it’s a great time to support small businesses.

There are a bunch of us businesses that are small, owned by artists, creative people that are trying to get our creation out, bring some more beauty into this world. Businesses that put creativity, ethical making, and eco-conscious production on our flagship.

As the owner, designer, and maker of Noita Designs (yes, almost a one woman show, grateful for all those helping and supporting me on this journey!)
I take great importance in these matters, and so:

✮ All the metal – Gold and Silver – I use for my jewelry is recycled.

✮ My packaging is specially designed using only FSC®certified paper, no chemical glues used. 

✮ I work with small, family-owned workshops here in Israel that help me produce my products and packaging while keeping these values at first hand.

Sure, there is still a lot more to grow in that direction, but I know that it’s a life journey to walk a path, and with each step, I’m learning more and growing more.

So the next step I’m taking now is holding my head up high this holiday season and letting you know that I make beautiful jewelry, eco-conscious and finely made. 

A % of my yearly sales will go to a reforestation NGO (I’m still debating which, so I appreciate any recommendation).
This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and now with your support in my business, I can finally do it.

I am a woman, an artist, a designer, and before all that – a human being. I love this planet and the life here. Let’s support each other so we can all shine our beautiful light here on the paths we are walking.

September 19, 2022